All in One - Soccer Rebounder + Goal + Target + Obstacle + Portability + #1 Soccer Training System - Develops Soccer Skills > FAST 

soccer rebounder

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  • Soccer Rebounder Training with Real-Game-Ball-Action - Four Rebounding Nets challenge each Trainee for Accuracy, Power, Touch, Ball Control & more... ULTIMAGOAL is all about Developing Soccer Skills through Challenging Repetition.
  • Free Standing Soccer Rebounder & Goal - ULTIMAGOAL does Not need to be secured to the ground - No Stakes & Easy to Move Around Any Practice-Field.
  • Durability - ULTIMAGOAL is 100% Galvanized Steel Tube. Over 50 US-Pounds of Soccer Training Goal to take the Hits.
  • Galvanized Steel Springs for a Maximum Soccer Rebound - NO brittle bungees & plastic clips which can deteriorate in the elements (Sun, Rain, Wind). Spring Loaded Rebounding Power.
  • ​All-Weather-Proof-Netting - ULTIMAGOAL'S advanced Poly-Weave netting material withstands years of abuse. Quality Materials that Last.
  • Portability - Breaks Down in Minutes & takes up little space. Soccer Goal and Rebounder to GO.
  • Includes The One-Touch-Ground-Passing-Bar - will have any Trainee making perfect passes in no time. Touch, Control, Timing, Pace. Develops Passing Skills Fast.
  • Transformable - Two Size Soccer Goals - 8-Soccer Rebounder Angles - Challenging Target - Real Size Obstacle. Makes Soccer Training Challenging & Fun!
  • Personal Soccer Training System > The Ultimate Soccer Training DVD Included + Plus additional soccer training in The ULTIMAGOAL Soccer Training Zone follow us at

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