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Soccer Rebounder Goal

  1. When in the hunt to buy a soccer rebounder, look for a rebounder that combines as a soccer goal. The soccer rebounder and goal combo is both a rebounder trainer and goal for game training. Every youth trainee needs to train their individual skills and play the game as much as possible to improve. So, with a soccer rebounder and goal, you get the best of both types of training. From a soccer coach’s perspective soccer is all about touch. For a youth to improve their soccer touch and skills they need to get maximum touches on the ball. They need to train their individual skills, which include ball touch, timing, control, accuracy and technique. A quality soccer rebounder can aid any trainee with this type of repetition for the mind and body to learn these skills. And then to transcend those newly trained skills, using the soccer training goal to blend into game speed. A soccer rebounder that transforms into a soccer goal is a major training bonus to get maximum touches on the ball and master game play. Plus, having a goal to play the game is fun and it’s all about having fun.
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Powerful Soccer Rebound

2. The second feature to look for when buying a soccer rebounder is a powerful rebound to match real game ball action. The soccer rebounder products you are reviewing should have a quality net with strong tension and a solid frame. If the netting is strung too weak or the frame is not stable or pliable, the ball will rebound slowly. This slow rebound will not give the soccer trainee a real game action rebound. There are many products that say there a rebounder, but the ball does not rebound back to the soccer trainee properly. The rebound should have power, speed and challenge. Keep in mind, the larger the rebounder the softer the rebound. Why? Large rebounders have a large target surface, which slowly catch the ball and then slowly rebound the ball back. Because of their large size, the rebound takes time and does not bounce back with real game ball speed. Smaller rebounders have less surface net and can rebound the ball faster and with much more added force if there strung properly. Similar to game speed. Soccer is a game of speed, ball control, accuracy and power. If a soccer trainee is not being challenged with their training, they will not be a challenging player on the field of play. The soccer rebounder you are buying should have videos that show the product in action, showing how the product functions. Buying a soccer rebounder from just a picture will most likely be a flop for your kids or team. Buy a soccer rebounder that gives your trainees real game ball action for accuracy, power, speed, distance and real game challenge.

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Proper Size Practice Target

3. The third feature to look for when purchasing a soccer rebounder is a proper size target. A large size rebounder or target, anyone can hit and does not promote accuracy or challenge. There’s a saying Marksmen use “aim small shoot small” and learning to be a soccer striker is no different. The best players in the world grew up playing the small game. Most of them grew up using a small soccer goal in narrow streets, trying to hit small objects or targets with the ball. Why did this make them Superstars? Because of maximum touches, accuracy and challenge within a small space. The small game (ex. 3-players vs 3-players) or short game promotes maximum touches on the ball for each player. Playing in a short space keeps each player in the game constantly; you are always touching the ball. Plus, you’re on defense or offense continuously running, but you’re always in the game. No downtime earning maximum touches on the ball. In addition, a proper size target rebounder promotes accuracy. If a player does not have passing or shooting accuracy, they will be sitting the bench. Soccer is a game of accuracy and your team cannot miss scoring opportunities or lose possession of the ball. Purchase a soccer rebounder and soccer goal for soccer training that is no more than 4 feet wide and your trainees will conquer accuracy, short space ball control and proper touch fast…..

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Complete Soccer Trainer

4. The fourth feature is to purchase a soccer rebounder that is a complete soccer trainer. The soccer rebounder you purchase should be a head to toe soccer trainer. This means the ability to rebound high balls for heading practice and ground balls for one-touch-passing practice. Plus, medium rebounds for ball control practice and challenging rebounds for striker training. To be a great soccer player, you must be a complete soccer player with a full skill set from head to toe. There is no right footed or left footed. You have to be confident and skilled with both feet. Skills are learned thru repetition and you want to purchase a soccer rebounder that performs proper repetitive soccer training. As a bonus, some soccer rebounders have soccer training videos, which show proper technique. If your soccer rebounder shows proper training technique in videos from a certified soccer coach, it’s like having a socccer coach with you. A soccer rebounder that’s challenging with a path to follow aids the trainee faster to become a complete soccer player. A few months of complete soccer training with the right soccer rebounder, will turn any youth’s game around.

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Quality Soccer Rebounder with Portability

5. The fifth feature to look for with your soccer rebounder purchase is the quality and portability of the soccer rebounder. The soccer rebounder should be made of strong heavy materials. It should be able to take years of rebounding hits, be weather-proof, be safe and not have to be staked into the ground. You want your soccer rebounder to be self-standing and made of durable materials. Not weak breakable plastic, bendable lightweight aluminum or thin steel tube. Maneuverability is another important factor when researching a soccer rebounder. You want to be able to easily move your soccer rebounder around the practice field or backyard for different practice routines. Large soccer rebounders are cumbersome, not easily maneuverable and some have to be staked down. Portability is an added soccer rebounder bonus. If your soccer rebounder is foldable and portable then it has the ability to fit in a vehicle, taken to the practice field or be stored. This adds to ease of use for the trainee, coach or soccer mom/dad. Also, portability adds to the life span of the product, where it does not have to sit out in the elements.

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Since ULTIMAGOAL came out in the year 2003, many cheap copies & improperly built soccer rebounders have come out trying to compare. Bottom-line when buying a soccer rebounder, you get what you pay for. As an international experienced soccer player for over 40 years and international certified soccer coach with over 35 years’ experience I highly recommend the ULTIMAGOAL soccer rebounder & portable goal. I invented the ULTIMAGOAL over 15 years ago, to assist youth players with their individual skills (striking, passing, dribbling, high & low ball control, heading & more…). Assist soccer coaches with their practice training sessions as a training goal, rebounder, target & obstacle. Train soccer goalkeepers to work on their eye hand coordination, core training and agility. ULTIMAGOAL was built to be a soccer trainer, soccer goal, on-field soccer obstacle, proper practice target and be portable. It is a true game changer and we have the success stories to prove it. Overall ULTIMAGOAL makes practice fun and engaging. If you have any additional questions about the ULTIMAGOAL, please send me an email and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

International Player, Coach  & ULTIMAGOAL inventor – Ken Petras

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Soccer Rebounder – Top 5 Features from a Soccer Coaches Perspective.